Life – We believe in the Sanctity of Human Life from conception to natural death.
Evangelism – We believe in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Abstinence – We believe in ascribing to God’s plan for the family by promoting sexual purity.
Dedicated Servanthood – We believe in dedicated servanthood.
Integrity – We believe in integrity in all aspects of operation.
Nurture – We believe in nurturing and promoting healing.
Growth – We believe in growing of the ministry based on kingdom principles.
We believe God has a purpose and a plan for every person.
We believe marriage is between a biological man and a biological woman.
We believe in the free will of mankind.
We believe women should be empowered to make informed decisions about their pregnancy.
We believe that no woman should feel pressured into making a choice about her pregnancy.
We believe in providing a place for women to gather information about her reproductive choices that does not profit from her decision. 
We believe in a Biblically based model.
We believe in operating at a standard of excellence.
We believe in a Christ-centered ministry.