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Canned Drinks
Walmart Gift Card
Bottled Water

#6 3/4 Size Envelopes
Paper Towels
Dishwasher Detergent
Fine-Tip Red Sharpies
Toilet Paper
Hooded Baby Towels (Neutral Colors)

Newborn Diapers
Newborn clothes (Neutral Colors)
Coffee K-Cups
Female Deodorant
(travel size)
Red, Neon Orange, Neon Green & Neon Pink Cardstock
White, Yellow, and Blue Copy Paper
Individually Wrapped Snacks for Clinic Lobby

B-natal Lollipops (Cherry or Green Apple Flavor)
Preggie Pops (Assorted Flavors)
Preggie Pop Drops Plus (Assorted Flavors)
Tiny clothes baskets (12")
Swiffer Duster 1800 Refills
Scotch Tape Refills
Paper Clips
Standard Staples


For the GROW Program:

Index Cards
Sandwich Ziploc Bags
Peppermints (Individually Wrapped)
Lifesavers (Individually Wrapped)
Airheads-mini and full bars
Blow Pops
Starburst (2pk pieces)
Chips (snack bags)
Sandwich Crackers (snack size)
Slim Jims (snack size)
Clear Plastic Cups (7oz-9oz)