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Walmart Gift Card
* GE LED BR30 65W Dimmable Indoor Floodlight Directional Soft White
* Bottled Water (16 oz. & 8 oz.)
* Individually Wrapped Snacks for Clinic Lobby
* White Copy Paper
* #6 3/4 Size Envelopes
Paper Towels

Toilet Paper
Standard Staples
Lysol Aerosol Spray
Fat-Tip Black Sharpies
Fine-Tip Black and Red Sharpies
Hooded Baby Towels (neutral colors)
Newborn Diapers
Coffee K-Cups
Red, Neon Orange, Neon Green & Neon Pink Cardstock
Yellow Copy Paper
B-natal Lollipops (Cherry or Green Apple Flavor)
Preggie Pops (Assorted Flavors)
Preggie Pop Drops Plus (Assorted Flavors)
Tiny clothes baskets (12”)
Scotch Tape Refills
Paper Clips

For the GROW Program:
Index Cards
Sandwich Ziploc Bags
Peppermints (Individually Wrapped)
Lifesavers (Individually Wrapped)
Airheads-mini and full bars
Blow Pops
Starburst (2pk pieces)
Chips (snack bags)
Sandwich Crackers (snack size)
Slim Jims (snack size)
Clear Plastic Cups (7oz-9oz)

* What we really need.